Computer Training School in Gaithersburg

Get the PERSONALIZED, PROFESSIONAL one-on-one training you've been needing to stay connected to family and friends through using:

  • iPhone/iPad
  • Android phone/tablet
  • ​Windows or Mac computer

Learn about:

  • Online safety and security
  • Facebook training
  • Email training
  • Internet searching
  • Computer shortcuts, tips, and tricks

Adult Computer Tutor in Bethesda

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Adult Computer Tutor in Bethesda

        Meet Eileen Spickler,                                                                                              

        Adult Computer Tutor....                  Go from this....                       To feeling this....           Because now, YOU can do this!!                                

Helping YOU Make Friends with Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, and Technology


Eileen Spickler
Adult Computer Tutor, LLC
Montgomery, Prince George's, and Frederick counties and DC Metro
​Phone: 240.618.7003

Adult Computer Tutor, LLC

Are you baffled by how computers have changed since you used them at work?

Do you wish you could keep up with your family and friends on Facebook but don't understand exactly how to do what you've been shown?

Computers are a great social tool -- learn how to connect with people by making friends with the technology.

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