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we believe in a unique and customized tutoring experience for each and every client.

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Helping YOU Make Friends with Computers, Tablets, Smart Phones, and Technology 1-on-1 tutoring in Overland Park computer training school in Lawrence 1-on-1 tutoring in Ottawa

The founder and CEO of Adult Computer Tutor, Eileen Spickler, is self-taught as an adult on all that she knows about computers and technology.  Therefore, we understand the learning curves of adults and recognize that adults learn very differently from children. Computer Training School in Lawrence 1-on-1 Tutoring in Ottawa 1-on-1 Tutoring in Overland Park  

Each person is unique, and adult learners especially so.  One-size-fits-all training approaches will never allow you to quickly and comfortably learn computers and technology.  We personalize each lesson, every time, to your specific needs, wants, and desires.  Because we work with you one-on-one, in the privacy and comfort of your own home, you are more comfortable and relaxed and can learn these new concepts more quickly and easily in a relaxed environment. Computer Training School in Lawrence

"I have learned many new things on the computer that I was originally afraid to tackle on my own.  My confidence has grown since beginning with Eileen!"
                - Emily Powell (Fairfax VA)

"Eileen explained things precisely so that even the novices could understand how to use their iPads."
                - Loretta Collins, Valpak (Bethesda, MD)

​"I am now confident that things won't disappear!  Eileen has walked me through the complete setup of information, including switching to Windows 10.  And now I can Skype with my son."
                 - Pat Egan (Silver Spring, MD)

"My 85 year old father is finally able to use his iPad, thanks to Eileen's coaching.  And my brothers and I can all send him email now -- and he actually is able to respond without calling us for help!"

​                 - Fran Werner, (Chevy Chase, MD)